Your company specialized in cleanup, decontamination and remediation




S.E.M. is present on the international level, through collaboration with several engineering consulting offices in the field of environment.  Most of these consulting offices have been active since 1978 and have completed numerous projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. For us, professional services based on appropriate technologies are only a part of the solution to identified problems :


Financial arrangement

Technical-financial studies

Strategy planning

Programs set-up

Technical assistance

Basic and detail design

Specifications and procurement

Pollution diagnosis

Groud, air and water treatment

Control and supervision of works

Formation and technology transfer (water treatment plant)


We guarantee the result of our treatment :


We assist companies in their industrial choices to improve the operations of their installations.

For companies willing to improve their environmental image :


We provide assistance to industrials and companies, for the environmental improvement of the company's operations.


Our philosophy :


An unwavering focus on the customer's requirements, the quality of provided services, the respect of local conditions and professional liability is the cornerstone of our development philosophy, in Europe as well as abroad. We privilege the knowledge transfer and the collaboration with internationally recognized consultants in the specific fields of environment, risk analysis and process optimization.


All these values allow us to achieve our priority goal : to answer our clients' needs in a professional way.

« The force of the human genius to serve sustainable development »